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RC) * FW 3.55 - Disc and discless suport (/app_home) * Update downloads provided in single packages * A lot of stuff to come in next release - * Added: Support for "Black Screen Games" from external USB HDD (thanks to anonymous#3 for the idea) * Added: Launch "Black Screen Games" with [SELECT] [X] key combination * Added: Control console with peek/poke/peekl support via telnet to port 8080 * Added: LV2 Game OS memory [HEX view] and [Save to file] in FILE MANAGER * Fixed: Blu-ray to AVCHD conversion * Fixed: Memory allocation for Remote Play * Changed: [Last game] application (separate download) - * File and folder copy transfer speed improved * Restored support for games saved on SDHC or Memory Stick cards * Changed default name for BD-ROM backups to GAMEID-GAMENAME * Added support for PS3 Demo and Package discs * Fixed game list refresh in modes with freetype fonts * New [Help] screen in File Manager (thanks to condorstrike! - No payload of any kind included in the distribution - Support for "Black screen games" using external USB HDD * BDEMU.) * A lot of hidden improvements and fulfilled requests - * Added option to go [BACK] from certain [YES]/[NO] prompts * Check for available free space before initiating copy/transfer * Warning prompt if copy destination already contains folder with same (source) name (cancel/overwrite) * Support for COVER. BIN or external payload required to enable following functionality: - Support for AVCHD/BDMV structures saved on internal HDD (AVCHD HDD) - Path redirections for /dev_bdvd and /app_home - BDEMU.BDM) * Mount BDMV (Blu-ray) from any folder (click [X] on index.bdmv) * New option in INI: mount_hdd1=1 (to use 2GB PS3 cache partition) - BUGFIX RELEASE (sorry guys!

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* Filemanager shortcut changed to [SELECT] [START] * New icon, created by condorstrike from the forum - * Display mode #1 uses FREE TYPE fonts * Filemanager [RENAME]: the current name is displayed * Separate UPDATE via internet for firmware 3.15 - * Nice free type fonts added to display modes #1 and #3.* Additional [PATHS] mode added with [L3] (large title names, smaller title names game path, smaller titles names without the path). - [SELECT] [R3] in game display modes switches between 4 different fonts (with Japanese/French/Spanish/Russian/Bulgarian (Cyrillic)/Serbian support). - In File Manager: * [R3] will open a file in HEX view mode * HEX view: [UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes) [left]/[right] - Scroll in blocks (8KB) [L1] - Seek to start of file [R1] - Seek to end of file [L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes) [R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes) [/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer * Playing network files will show their names and not 'net_play.bin'.INI) * Added support for [LASTPLAY] game application * Fixed PL3 payload lock after internet update * Fixed multiple game/video listing * Have a nice X-MAS and support multi MAN and multi AVCHD!

- * Fixed mount points reset on launch * Added experimental support for PS2 game backups * Other minor fixes - * Added startup check for backup folder access * Fixed support for [last game] application * Fixed [last game] application (separate download) - * Added FILE/FOLDER copy to network PC (nethost) * Added DELETE file from network PC (nethost) * New version of ps3required (separate download) * Support for theme ICON0.* Changed initial volume to be a little softer * AC3 5.1ch / 2.0ch is also working, but in halts the main thead until song is played through.I'll need a bit more time to put it in the background.================================================== ============= multi MAN EMULATOR PACK (FW 3.55): * (SNES GENP VBA FBA FCEU) (20110831)(49.97 MB) last GAME app: Mounts the last game you launched from multi MAN and returns you to XMB.Start the game from disc icon or /app_home ps3NETSRV PC app: To be used with multi MAN file manager /net_host# network folders. * Proper structure: /dev_***/GAMES/***GAME_NAME***/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT. BIN * Wrong structure: /dev_***/GAMES/***SOME_NAME***/***ANOTHER_NAME***/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT. BIN * Press "SELECT L3" to refresh the list (or use the REFRESH option in system menu or XMMB Game column) * Check options.ini/options_and edit it properly if you store your games in different than defined location It was reported numerous times that such problem may arise after installing KMEAW 3.55 CFW on a new PS3 system or after updating from 3.41.PNG file - * Added CREATE FOLDER for network PC (nethost) * Improved nethost support (fixed missing empty folders) * Larger send buffer for ps3serv (up to 10MB) * Improved game/avchd scan times * New version of ps3required (separate download) - * Added support for themes in FILE MANAGER * Option in the INI to set themes folder location * Fixed issue with downloading covers for some users * Theme package with 22 themes availabe (separate download) - * Fixed and optimized initial content scan (much much faster than before) * Fixed font size change (shrink/enlarge) when overscan mode is on during title names dim (fade in/out) * Fixed original theme (to restore ICON0. BIN (background sound will stop if theme does not support sound and next time you launch multi MAN there will be no sound, too) * Added Other/Group/User access attributes display in filemanager for files and folders (linux style dxwr) * Added [START ] [ ] to stop music playback (for mp3 and background theme audio) * Added [SELECT] [X] to force [Direct Launch Prompt] when disabled * When theme which supports sound (SOUND.