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I was stuck in a scenario where i want users to register user ID and i dont want them to enter special characters like dots and just want them to enter alphabets, number and underscore in the username.I went through the documentation of the plugin and there was no such methods to strip the special characters in the plugin.We create two fields of input with two different names as field1 and field2, and hence two for loops.

Good day everyone, This week I would like to share a class used to validate special characters.I couldn’t find any propertie on table fields like “Block special characters”, because of that I am using a class that validate each character of a string using containers.-saige- Thanks Saige, I guess I am even more confused now. In a text box I want to allow someone to enter text, the letters a through z in upper or lower case. So this would be valid input: url#URL&Montage This would be invalid input: url*[email protected] Can you help me with figuring out the regular expression?I have tried many things but can't figure it out, even after reading about regular expressions.Normally I call this class by Overriding the method Validate Field() from table.

For example, I have used the Table Logistics Eletronic Address which is responsible to save contact information like e-mail and telephone. *]*$’); // return true if name matches the criteria otherwise return false is Valid = reg Ex Match.get_Success(); Regards, Bilal Yes, I think the biggest advantage is being able to define our own character set.

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It is necessary to do a server side and client side validation of the form before someone hits the submit button.

Otherwise, the form reaching you may have junk data and inappropriate contents.

I will check if I am validating the field Locator and then call my class. This is my class: I have used all the special characters that I know of but feel free to add as much as your client requires :). However there is a glitch(or not) where the method does not take into account specific characters from a language such as Portuguese where it does not filter cedilla(Ç).