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She'd just drop 'em off - with a fireman, you know? I am sick of you accusing me of not being a good mother! The only good idea is to let me and John do our job - and mediate this thing right here. I know it doesn't feel like it, but we're making progress. The film follows Vaughn as a criminal struggling to stay alive long enough for his insurance policy to kick in so he can give it to his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) as various hitmen are out to kill him.

" And perhaps play a little game called "Just the Tip." Just for a second, just to see how it feels, - or "Ouch Ouch, You're on My Hair." - Okay.

But I'm not that interested, but I think she might be interested. But now she's not interested." So now, all of sudden I'm... It's very difficult trying to read the situation and all the while you're just really wondering, "Are we gonna get hopped enough to make some bad decisions?

Hey, Lou Epstein, I want you to meet a real mensch, Chuck Schwartz. And as we carry on the tradition of thousands of years, we honor the eternal bond that stretches through the ages. Josh I have known since his bar mitzvah, which those of you who were there know it was not a very pretty sight.

I was at her house when her parents brought her home from the hospital, and I was there the day she graduated from medical school.

- Rubbin' up against each other, just a couple of kids who like to fuck, trying to make it honest. Guys, the real enemy here is the institution of marriage.

It's about saying yes to yourself - and saying yes to your future.

There had to be some nice moments, during the courtship, maybe?

how could you not have a good time - eating crab cakes?

Great question, love where your head's at, and two of 'em actually are.

We are gonna have tons and tons of opportunities to meet gorgeous ladies that are so aroused by the thought of marriage, that they'll throw their inhibitions to the wind. Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!

Nagila, hava nagila ve'nismecha Hava nagila, hava...