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lxc-update-config(1) - update a legacy pre LXC 2.1 configuration file lxc-user-nic(1) - Create and attach a nic to another network namespace.lxc-usernsexec(1) - Run a task as root in a new user namespace.ovs-pcap(1) - print packets from a pcap file as hex ovs-sim(1) - Open v Switch simulator environment ovs-tcpundump(1) - convert ``tcpdump -xx'' output to hex strings ovsdb-client(1) - command-line interface to ovsdb-server(1) ovsdb-idlc(1) - Open v Switch IDL (Interface Definition Language) compiler ovsdb-server(1) - Open v Switch database server ovsdb-tool(1) - Open v Switch database management utility p11tool(1) - Gnu TLS PKCS #11 tool package-cleanup(1) - clean up locally installed, duplicate, or orphaned packages passwd(1) - change user password paste(1) - merge lines of files paste(1p) - merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files patch(1) - apply a diff file to an original patch(1p) - apply changes to files pathchk(1) - check whether file names are valid or portable pathchk(1p) - check pathnames pax(1p) - portable archive interchange pcap-config(1) - write libpcap compiler and linker flags to standard output pcp-atop(1) - Advanced System and Process Monitor pcp-atopsar(1) - Advanced System Activity Report (pcp-atop related) pcp-collectl(1) - collect data that describes the current system status pcp-dmcache(1) - report on logical storage device caches pcp-free(1) - report on free and used memory in the system pcp-iostat(1) - performance metrics i/o statistics tool pcp-ipcs(1) - provide information on IPC facilities pcp-kube-pods(1) - list Kubernetes pods to scan for running PCP services pcp-lvmcache(1) - report on logical storage device caches pcp-mpstat(1) - Report CPU and Interrupt related statistics.

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ocount(1) - Event counting tool for Linux ocsptool(1) - Gnu TLS OCSP tool od(1) - dump files in octal and other formats od(1p) - dump files in various formats op-check-perfevents(1) - checks for kernel perf pmu support opannotate(1) - produce source or assembly annotated with profile data oparchive(1) - produce archive of oprofile data for offline analysis opcontrol(1) - control OProfile profiling openvt(1) - start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT).operf(1) - Performance profiler tool for Linux opgprof(1) - produce gprof-format profile data ophelp(1) - list OProfile events opimport(1) - converts sample database files opjitconv(1) - convert jit dump file to an ELF opreport(1) - produce symbol or binary image summaries oprofile(1) - a statistical profiler for Linux systems, capable of profiling all running code at low overhead; also included is a set of post-profiling analysis tools, as well as a simple event counting tool oprof_start(1) - A GUI interface for OProfile ovn-detrace(1) - convert ``ovs-appctl ofproto/trace'' output to combine OVN logical flow information.lxc-start(1) - run an application inside a container.lxc-stop(1) - stop the application running inside a container lxc-top(1) - monitor container statistics lxc-unfreeze(1) - thaw all the container's processes lxc-unshare(1) - Run a task in a new set of namespaces.aio.h(0p) - asynchronous input and output arpa_inet.h(0p) - definitions for internet operations assert.h(0p) - verify program assertion complex.h(0p) - complex arithmetic cpio.h(0p) - cpio archive values ctype.h(0p) - character types dirent.h(0p) - format of directory entries dlfcn.h(0p) - dynamic linking errno.h(0p) - system error numbers fcntl.h(0p) - file control options fenv.h(0p) - point environment float.h(0p) - floating types fmtmsg.h(0p) - message display structures fnmatch.h(0p) - matching types ftw.h(0p) - file tree traversal glob.h(0p) - matching types grp.h(0p) - group structure iconv.h(0p) - codeset conversion facility inttypes.h(0p) - fixed size integer types iso646.h(0p) - alternative spellings langinfo.h(0p) - language information constants libgen.h(0p) - definitions for pattern matching functions limits.h(0p) - defined constants locale.h(0p) - category macros math.h(0p) - mathematical declarations monetary.h(0p) - monetary types mqueue.h(0p) - message queues (REALTIME) ndbm.h(0p) - definitions for ndbm database operations netdb.h(0p) - definitions for network database operations net_if.h(0p) - sockets local interfaces netinet_in.h(0p) - Internet address family netinet_tcp.h(0p) - definitions for the Internet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) nl_types.h(0p) - data types poll.h(0p) - definitions for the poll() function pthread.h(0p) - threads pwd.h(0p) - password structure regex.h(0p) - regular expression matching types sched.h(0p) - execution scheduling search.h(0p) - search tables semaphore.h(0p) - semaphores setjmp.h(0p) - stack environment declarations signal.h(0p) - signals spawn.h(0p) - spawn (ADVANCED REALTIME) stdarg.h(0p) - handle variable argument list stdbool.h(0p) - boolean type and values stddef.h(0p) - standard type definitions stdint.h(0p) - integer types stdio.h(0p) - standard buffered input/output stdlib.h(0p) - standard library definitions string.h(0p) - string operations strings.h(0p) - string operations stropts.h(0p) - STREAMS interface (STREAMS) sys_ipc.h(0p) - XSI interprocess communication access structure syslog.h(0p) - definitions for system error logging sys_mman.h(0p) - memory management declarations sys_msg.h(0p) - XSI message queue structures sys_resource.h(0p) - definitions for XSI resource operations sys_select.h(0p) - select types sys_sem.h(0p) - XSI semaphore facility sys_shm.h(0p) - XSI shared memory facility sys_socket.h(0p) - main sockets header sys_stat.h(0p) - data returned by the stat() function sys_statvfs.h(0p) - VFS File System information structure sys_time.h(0p) - time types sys_times.h(0p) - file access and modification times structure sys_types.h(0p) - data types sys_uio.h(0p) - definitions for vector I/O operations sys_un.h(0p) - definitions for UNIX domain sockets sys_utsname.h(0p) - system name structure sys_wait.h(0p) - declarations for waiting tar.h(0p) - extended tar definitions termios.h(0p) - define values for termios tgmath.h(0p) - generic macros time.h(0p) - time types trace.h(0p) - tracing ulimit.h(0p) - ulimit commands unistd.h(0p) - standard symbolic constants and types utime.h(0p) - access and modification times structure utmpx.h(0p) - user accounting database definitions wchar.h(0p) - character handling wctype.h(0p) - character classification and mapping utilities wordexp.h(0p) - expansion types abicompat(1) - check ABI compatibility abidiff(1) - compare ABIs of ELF files abidw(1) - serialize the ABI of an ELF file abilint(1) - validate an abigail ABI representation abipkgdiff(1) - compare ABIs of ELF files in software packages ac(1) - print statistics about users' connect time addftinfo(1) - add information to troff font files for use with groff addr2line(1) - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.

admin(1p) - create and administer SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT) afmtodit(1) - create font files for use with groff -Tps and -Tpdf alias(1p) - define or display aliases apropos(1) - search the manual page names and descriptions ar(1) - create, modify, and extract from archives ar(1p) - create and maintain library archives arch(1) - print machine hardware name (same as uname -m) aria_chk(1) - Aria table-maintenance utility aria_dump_log(1) - Dump content of Aria log pages.

env(1) - run a program in a modified environment env(1p) - set the environment for command invocation envsubst(1) - substitutes environment variables in shell format strings eqn(1) - format equations for troff or Math ML eqn2graph(1) - convert an EQN equation into a cropped image eval(1p) - construct command by concatenating arguments ex(1p) - text editor exec(1p) - execute commands and open, close, or copy file descriptors exit(1p) - cause the shell to exit expand(1) - convert tabs to spaces expand(1p) - convert tabs to spaces expect(1) - programmed dialogue with interactive programs, Version 5 expiry(1) - check and enforce password expiration policy export(1p) - set the export attribute for variables expr(1) - evaluate expressions expr(1p) - evaluate arguments as an expression factor(1) - factor numbers fallocate(1) - preallocate or deallocate space to a file false(1) - do nothing, unsuccessfully false(1p) - return false value fc(1p) - process the command history list fedabipkgdiff(1) - compare ABIs of Fedora packages fg(1p) - run jobs in the foreground fgconsole(1) - print the number of the active VT.

fgrep(1) - print lines matching a pattern file(1) - determine file type file(1p) - determine file type fincore(1) - count pages of file contents in core find-repos-of-install(1) - report which Yum repository a package was installed from find(1) - search for files in a directory hierarchy find(1p) - find files Firecfg(1) - Desktop integration utility for Firejail software.

cksum(1) - checksum and count the bytes in a file cksum(1p) - write file checksums and sizes CLEAR(1) - clear the terminal screen clear(1) - clear the terminal screen cmp(1) - compare two files byte by byte cmp(1p) - compare two files col(1) - filter reverse line feeds from input colcrt(1) - filter nroff output for CRT previewing collectl2pcp(1) - import collectl data to a PCP archive colon(1p) - null utility colrm(1) - remove columns from a file column(1) - columnate lists comm(1) - compare two sorted files line by line comm(1p) - select or reject lines common to two files command(1p) - execute a simple command comp_err(1) - compile Maria DB error message file compress(1p) - compress data continue(1p) - continue for, while, or until loop coredumpctl(1) - Retrieve and process saved core dumps and metadata coreutils(1) - single binary for coreutils programs cp(1) - copy files and directories cp(1p) - copy files cpp(1) - The C Preprocessor cronnext(1) - time of next job cron will execute crontab(1) - maintains crontab files for individual users crontab(1p) - schedule periodic background work csplit(1) - split a file into sections determined by context lines csplit(1p) - split files based on context ctags(1p) - create a tags file (DEVELOPMENT, FORTRAN) cups-config(1) - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.

cups(1) - a standards-based, open source printing system cupstestdsc(1) - test conformance of postscript files (deprecated) cupstestppd(1) - test conformance of ppd files cut(1) - remove sections from each line of files cut(1p) - cut out selected fields of each line of a file cxref(1p) - language program cross-reference table (DEVELOPMENT) danetool(1) - Gnu TLS DANE tool dash(1) - command interpreter (shell) date(1) - print or set the system date and time date(1p) - write the date and time dbpmda(1) - debugger for Performance Co-Pilot PMDAs dbprobe(1) - database response time and availability information dd(1) - convert and copy a file dd(1p) - convert and copy a file deallocvt(1) - deallocate unused virtual consoles debuginfo-install(1) - install debuginfo packages and their dependencies delta(1p) - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file (DEVELOPMENT) df(1) - report file system disk space usage df(1p) - report free disk space dh(1) - debhelper command sequencer dh_auto_build(1) - automatically builds a package dh_auto_clean(1) - automatically cleans up after a build dh_auto_configure(1) - automatically configure a package prior to building dh_auto_install(1) - automatically runs make install or similar dh_auto_test(1) - automatically runs a package's test suites dh_bugfiles(1) - install bug reporting customization files into package build directories dh_builddeb(1) - build Debian binary packages dh_clean(1) - clean up package build directories dh_compress(1) - compress files and fix symlinks in package build directories dh_dwz(1) - optimize DWARF debug information in ELF binaries via dwz dh_fixperms(1) - fix permissions of files in package build directories dh_gconf(1) - install GConf defaults files and register schemas dh_gencontrol(1) - generate and install control file dh_icons(1) - Update caches of Freedesktop icons dh_install(1) - install files into package build directories dh_installcatalogs(1) - install and register SGML Catalogs dh_installchangelogs(1) - install changelogs into package build directories dh_installcron(1) - install cron scripts into etc/cron.* dh_installdeb(1) - install files into the DEBIAN directory dh_installdebconf(1) - install files used by debconf in package build directories dh_installdirs(1) - create subdirectories in package build directories dh_installdocs(1) - install documentation into package build directories dh_installemacsen(1) - register an Emacs add on package dh_installexamples(1) - install example files into package build directories dh_installgsettings(1) - install GSettings overrides and set dependencies dh_installifupdown(1) - install if-up and if-down hooks dh_installinfo(1) - install info files dh_installinit(1) - install service init files into package build directories dh_installlogcheck(1) - install logcheck rulefiles into etc/logcheck/ dh_installlogrotate(1) - install logrotate config files dh_installman(1) - install man pages into package build directories dh_installmanpages(1) - old-style man page installer (deprecated) dh_installmenu(1) - install Debian menu files into package build directories dh_installmime(1) - install mime files into package build directories dh_installmodules(1) - register kernel modules dh_installpam(1) - install pam support files dh_installppp(1) - install ppp ip-up and ip-down files dh_installsystemd(1) - install systemd unit files dh_installudev(1) - install udev rules files dh_installwm(1) - register a window manager dh_installxfonts(1) - register X fonts dh_link(1) - create symlinks in package build directories dh_lintian(1) - install lintian override files into package build directories dh_listpackages(1) - list binary packages debhelper will act on dh_makeshlibs(1) - automatically create shlibs file and call dpkg-gensymbols dh_md5sums(1) - generate DEBIAN/md5sums file dh_missing(1) - check for missing files dh_movefiles(1) - move files out of debian/tmp into subpackages dh_perl(1) - calculates Perl dependencies and cleans up after Make Maker dh_prep(1) - perform cleanups in preparation for building a binary package dh_shlibdeps(1) - calculate shared library dependencies dh_strip(1) - strip executables, shared libraries, and some static libraries dh_systemd_enable(1) - enable/disable systemd unit files dh_systemd_start(1) - start/stop/restart systemd unit files dh_testdir(1) - test directory before building Debian package dh_testroot(1) - ensure that a package is built with necessary level of root permissions dh_ucf(1) - register configuration files with ucf dh_update_autotools_config(1) - Update autotools config files dh_usrlocal(1) - migrate usr/local directories to maintainer scripts diff(1) - compare files line by line diff(1p) - compare two files diff3(1) - compare three files line by line dir(1) - list directory contents dircolors(1) - color setup for ls dirname(1) - strip last component from file name dirname(1p) - return the directory portion of a pathname dlltool(1) - Create files needed to build and use DLLs.

lxc-device(1) - manage devices of running containers lxc-execute(1) - run an application inside a container.