Who is bridgit mendler dating in real life

“I’m single, so I guess that means I’m undateable,” she shared.

hang in there baby (Good luck charlie) Lemonade mouth- the songs she sang in a movie she did good luck charlie- the theme song of a tv series she has Those are all the...honestly i dont no most of the time she doesnt wear nail polish but only in 3 episodes of good luck charlie i saw her wear nail polish. At the same time, she played Olivia White in Disney's movie Lemonade Mouth, which is also based on a book. Turn up the music (lemonade mouth) 4 Determinate (lemonade mouth) 5. She also played Kristen Gregory from the Clique that was based on a book.The media also were wondering about the reason they parted but they never confirmed it.Now Mendler is reportedly single as is Shane Harper.Bridgit Mendler seems to like someone who has a profession just like her.

Maybe this is where she can share her experience in the work to start a good relationship with someone. These criteria can be seen from Shane Harper who is a good-looking American actor and also tall.

Even better, Teddy and Spencer lived on off-screen because Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper were totes dating in real life., she's... In an interview with The Humor Mill, Bridgit was asked if she considered herself undateable (which, side note, is a totally weird question to ask someone), and she replied with this heartbreaking statement: "I'm single, so I guess that means I'm undateable."Ummm... Back in April, Bridgit gushed about how she fell in love with Shane, and they seemed totally happy together. Neither Bridgit nor Shane have commented on the split.

They obviously decided to keep their breakup private.

But recently I've read about Bridgit and some guy named Raven Hadrich.

way back when, and when the show was tragically canceled in 2014, the only silver lining was that the cast still kept in touch all the time.

sigh :(Bridgit Mendler is famous for playing the role of Teddy Duncan in Disney's Sitcom Good Luck Charlie.