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Ellie called Hammond inconsiderate but apologized after hearing what Hammond has to offer them.

In return, Hammond promised to fund their digsite for the next three years.

The only survivor in the area turned out to be Ian Malcolm, who was badly wounded.

Once they returned to the park, Ellie gave Malcolm a dose of morphine and tried to convince John Hammond that the park wasn't viable because the creatures were uncontrollable.

After Ray Arnold shut down Jurassic Park's main power, hoping to bring all the systems back online during the manual restart, Ellie and Muldoon set out after him to the Power Shed to set up the power again.

Fleeing with the lethal predator almost literally on her heels, Ellie made it out of the shed and into the jungle, sobbing in fear.

Muldoon, meanwhile, wasn't as fortunate; he obviously didn't know about the raptors' plan of attack: one raptor waits in plain sight and distracts their prey while one or two more raptors come at them from the sides, and he was caught off-guard and killed.

She helped Harding take care of Ian Malcolm's injuries after he was rescued.

During the final power outage, Sattler used herself as bait and distracted a number of Velociraptors trying to get into the Safari Lodge. She was described in the script as: Ellie in her late twenties, athletic-looking.

Once on the island, Ellie, like a true Paleobotanist, immediately noticed that Vermiform plants, which are extinct, were growing next to the road.

She was so enthralled with this prehistoric plant, that she did not notice that the Jeep she was riding in had stopped alongside a Brachiosaur, only doing so when Alan physically turned her head to see it.

Ellen "Ellie" Sattler was a graduate student at the Snakewater dig site. She was 24 years old and darkly tanned, most likely due to sun exposure during her digs. Sattler agreed, and was, like Grant, originally thrilled with the prospect of Jurassic Park and the large sum of money she was being paid to inspect it.

However, she saw the dangers of mixing dinosaurs with humans.

Ellie Sattler or Ellen Degler née Sattler, is a paleobotanist. During the events of the first book and first film she was invited by John Hammond to Jurassic Park.