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When he finds out his mother has died he sells the club and leaves Walford to be with his family.

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He continued being a good Samaritan, returning a phone to its owner after it fell to the floor.Since 1985, we have been following the lives of the residents of Walford on “East Enders.” As one of UK’s highest rated programs, audiences are captivated each week by the triumphs and turmoils of the characters.Some left Albert Square for a bright future and others, unfortunately, saw their demise on the show, but where are your favorite past characters today?Aidan Brosnan was the upcoming footballer in Walford.The popular character got such a great reception that shortly after his introduction the writers gave Mickey a whole family, including his younger sister Demi who was played by his actual little sis Shana Swash.

Joe made his final appearance on East Enders in July 2008 in an explosive storyline that saw Mickey and his father written out on the show.

Beppe di Marco is notorious for getting fired from the police force, after trying to frame Grant Mitchell.

After taking a day job as a taxi driver, he eventually partners with Steve Owen and begins managing a nightclub. He unsuccessfully tries to convince her to not marry Garry Hobbs.

After leading him down a dark path, Mandy and Aidan eventually become the most hated residents in Walford and end up homeless together.

After a a series of unfortunate, Aidan comes to his senses and blames Mandy for all his misfortunes and returns to his homeland of Ireland.

“Joe jumped into the middle of the fight within seconds.